The jewelry must always be carefully cared for, regardless of its composition. That is why in MyK Joyas we want to give you certain recommendations for the care of them.

The pieces of jewelry are of great value and most of the cases they are very delicate, reason why we must treat them always with the maximum care.

For the care of jewelry, a few simple tips should be followed:

• For the correct conservation of your jewels, it is preferable that you always keep them individually, in their original cases.
• If they are stored in a jeweler, make sure that the pieces are always in separate compartments to prevent scratches due to contact.
• An excellent and economical option to keep our garments for a longer period is to store each in sealed sachets, individually, since most metals lose their luster with the oxygen present in the air.
• One of the most important recommendations for the care of your jewelry is to always avoid the contact of the jewel with cosmetic or domestic products that can damage its color.
• It is advisable to remove clothing before going to the shower, swimming pools, beaches, saunas and other places where chemical reactions can affect the metal and remove the glitter from jewelry pieces.
• Among the recommendations for the care of your jewelry, it is also important to apply your lotions or perfumes and then let the products applied on your skin have dried well before putting on your clothes, since chemical agents can erode the baths over time .
• It is advisable to remove your clothes before doing exercises or some type of physical activity that makes you sweat excessively.
• Take off your clothing before bedtime, continuous contact with body oil can eventually cause discoloration in the press.

• Jewelry should always be cleaned with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth or chamois to keep it shiny.

Follow these important tips and you will see that your garments will be kept in good condition for longer.