It’s not uncommon to meet people who need to feel protected against unknown evils.

For this, they resort to charms or amulets that have special characteristics against the misfortunes, illnesses or even accidents and lovesickness. Literally, amulets are “objects that are carried” and their purpose is to protect the person who uses it.

More and more amulets are seen on the street, and it’s not uncommon that we like to believe in these things.

The problem is that ignorance about the subject can cause us to confuse the meaning of the charms and it often results that we use an amulet that attracts fortune when what we want is love.

This article will give you an idea of the meaning of charms and what they represent and can help you achieve.

The meaning of charms for good luck:ch025
  • The heart: It is considered the abode of the soul. It provides you protection in all matters related to personal contacts and an effective life. It helps us to have good fortune in love.
  • The 4-leaf clover: Attracts prosperity and love. It’s a symbol of good luck that fosters happiness and fortune.
  • The key opens paths: It will help you to open all the doors on your path to happiness. It will also help you to overcome all the obstacles that you live. This charm is a symbol of trust, it is traditionally linked to unity, trust and bonds of friendship. It represents power and wisdom as it opens all doors. If you want that wealth and prosperity smile at you (love, wealth and health), take it with you.
  • The elephant: Attracts good fortune and protects the family. It is a symbol of good luck, as long as the trunk is held high. On the other hand, an elephant with a low trunk attracts negative influences. It represents strength, stability and wisdom.
  • The owl: Charm for good luck because those who carry the figure of this animal, awaits a lucky life.
  • The horseshoe: It is one of the most powerful charms that exist. It gives you good luck, and it should be used with the limbs down.
  • The ladybug: It is a symbol of good luck. It attracts successes and riches.
The meaning of charms for health and protection:
  • The angel or angel wing: Symbol of guide, is perfect to honor the loved one, keeping close to you that person who is your angel, or to give to someone who needs a guardian angel. The wings of the angels symbolize purity, protection, beauty and strength.. It also represents the transcendental, the union of earth and sky, freedom.


  • The hand of Fatima: Protects against anger and infidelity, from all kinds of misfortunes and diseases. It provides you with the virtue of patience, and attracts good fortune. The fingers are upwards unlike other similar charms; this is important because in this way it also symbolizes: stopping evil.
  • The cross: Symbol of God, faith and evolution. It is the most used talisman, and many people take them with them without being aware of being carrying a protective force. It grants energy, power, and symbolizes the union of all planes of existence. This charm represents salvation and sacrifice.
  • The Turkish eye (Evil eye): Used against evil eye and misfortunes as it attracts good luck. The Turkish eye charm rejects the evil intention and returns it to the person who sent it. You will gain strength and clarity by wearing this charm.
  • The higa or figa: Provides protection against any kind of diseases. His image is that of a closed fist in which the thumb appears and protrudes between the index and middle finger. As a charm, one of its main virtues is to ward off the evil eye, although it was also used against envy and jealousy.
  • The dolphin: It has been associated with salvation, transformation and love.
  • The Fang: Provides strength to overcome obstacles, in addition to increasing sexual attractiveness. This charm must be curved, because it attracts like a magnet the positive energies, it never has to have a straight form. In addition, it protects us from accidents and promotes fertility. Provides strength and skill.
  • arbolThe turtle: Attracts positivity. It symbolizes longevity, tranquility and protection.
  • The Tree of Life: Symbolizes wisdom. It attracts wealth and health.
  • The padlock: It’s a symbol of long life, good health and happiness.
  • The anchor: It helps us to secure what we have already obtained. It symbolizes security and tranquility.
The meaning of charms for the fortune and the money:
  • The Buddha: Symbolizes harmony and happiness. It attracts money, abundance, good luck and prosperity.
  • The clover: It is a symbol of good luck. It attracts abundance and prosperity.
  • The coin: Attracts happiness, luck and triumph.
  • The key: They are used to have influence over others and thus, achieve a better position at work or balance the daily coexistence with parents, spouses and children. It helps us to open our doors.
  • The elephant: It serves to make right decisions in times when it is necessary to choose, while ensuring prosperity.
  • The Turtle: Attracts positivity, longevity, and prosperity in business.
  • The horseshoe: Attracts wealth and good luck by rejecting bad energy. It symbolizes fortune.
  • The 5-pointed star: Symbol of aspiration, associated with achievement and success. It can represent a significant change in life or the desire to achieve high goals. It’s an elegant reminder to try to be the best you can become, the best version of yourself, and a way to remember that everyone should follow their star and achieve their dreams.
  • The Sun: Symbolizes success.
The meaning of charms of knowledge:
  • ch007OM: This charm is ideal for healing deep wounds. It serves as a guide to finding the right path and making the right decisions. The OM is the symbol of the essential in Hinduism. It means unity with the supreme, the combination of the physical with the spiritual.
  • The Owl: Represents intuition and wisdom, creation and creativity. Traditional symbol of wisdom.
  • The tree of life: It gives you an understanding of the different components of life. It provides health, wisdom and self-knowledge.
The meaning of other charms:
  • The seahorse: Symbolizes strength and power. They are also considered a symbol of patience and joy. They represent patience, friendship, protection, perspective, generosity and sharing with others, high sensory perception, persistence and joy.
  • Infinity: It is a symbol often used by women to emphasize their friendship with another person, or accompanied by a heart to symbolize their eternal love towards the couple or the children. The symbol of infinity represents rebirth, the cycle of renewal and immortality.
  • The key to happiness: The legend says that each person needs the key of their heart to be completely happy, this key is the person you love, that is why we carry a key shaped amulet and heart termination hanging from the neck, will help find the loved one. This talisman helps us to open the doors of love.
  • libelulaThe dragonfly: Symbolizes freedom, magic and delusion.
  • The butterfly: Symbolizes transformation, resurrection and soul. It also represents happiness and beauty. It attracts good luck and prosperity, and also sincere friendship.
  • The dove: Symbol of freedom, peace and innocence. It represents a new beginning or a new opportunity to change things. In the same way, it symbolizes love and devotion, family, loyalty, companionship and fidelity, since the pigeons remain all their life with the same pair.